As far as abuse goes, I can dish and I can take it. If thats where we want this board to then to the line forms behind me. This subject line went from Should Brombly be fired.. to me stealing water bottles and wearing coats from K-Mart. I wasn't even involved in this thread. I was called out the first time and passed. I was called out a second and reacted. Now a thread that started out about Broms getting canned is now a thread about K-Mart, HUD and people, here, ripping off the the taxpayers of SLO County by posting on this messsage board during working hours. I rarely respond to The rowboat Captain, in less it involves his husband, LOLA!:rollin Since it's on again, let's hope that football fan from NASCAR St. comes back here, that was message board sunday I won't soon forget!;) As far as reply link goes, I have no idea what your talking about. Got to go, WTBS is running HUD at 6 p.m.