.......because I didn't read your orignal post, well not past the first sentence anyway. I never do get past one sentence of your nose up Broms butt takes:eek Peli and you, LOLA'S wife called me out so I HAD to read it. What you said is pretty much true, except for one thing, I take out two water bottles instead of one. The Little White Tent aka The Kevin Graves Circle Jerk has become a joke. They started charging for the grub, the free food is as dry as dirt and they cut off the beer at 6:30, why is it they always run out of beer right AT 6:30? We now go to Cornerstone Deli and get a couple of gyros and a couple of 25 oz Fosters and sit out in The parking lot and listen to Homer Scoville stumble through his pre game show. After that, we head in to Mullet Gym and sit at our usual mid court seats and once again watch the Mens basketball team get pounded into submission! I do love Krukows Korner at the ballpark though. Now that's the real deal. During last weekends games against Santa Clara I drank like 10 freaking Indians! And the free hotdogs? to die for! And it didn't cost me a dime!:rollin Anyway, I always like to see my name in the subject line, it's just shows me that some people have nothing better to than talk about than a guy named Harry Pairatesties:lol Got to run, the boss is coming. See I work at HASLO, and by posting on this message board on County time and not actually working, I am ripping off the taxpayers of The County of San Luis Obispo. SHHHHHHHHHHHH, mum's the word!:lol