I never played organized basketball nor do I know the game that well... I really pay more attention to the scoreboard, streaks, momentum, and reading the players faces. Things like that.

With that said..., being that I am not in SLO and have the privledge of listening to the audiofeed more often than attending in person...., I have listened to many postgame interviews with Bromley. I have never interpreted him blaming any player. I typically hear him say things like:

- "We need to do this or that better..."
- "We did a poor job of this or that tonight"
- "The [insert other team name] did this or that well tonight"

Things like that.

The closest statment I heard Bromley say related to identifying/blaming players was a statement along the lines of "Our good offensive players happen to be our worst defensive players and our better defensive players happen to be our worst offensive players." Don't quote that exactly as I believe I heard him be more diplomatic than that.

About firing him????????

I am not ready to throw in the towel on Bromley. I think we [us fans] may have been mistakingly aroused to be overly optomistic in the team this year. Whether that was intentional or not... I have no idea. I know I am not overjoyed... but seeking his dismissal seems overkill to me.

The timing of his contract extention was good timing for Bromley... if that were negotiated today... I would not be as confident that the package would have worked out as well. Maybe a 2-year extension versus 4 or 5(?). But regardless, Cal Poly does not compensate its coaches very well.... So Bromley is still a good deal for the time being.

With all of that said... Cal Poly will be getting a new AD soon. What that means for Cal Poly and us fans remains to be seen. The possibility does exist that conditions could deminish in our eyes... or improve. Only time will tell.

For the time being, I believe it is very likely that the interim AD, Alison E. Cone, will get the AD job. Because interims typically do..., and she's been with Poly for about 10 years already. However, her retirement may be on the horizon... I dunno know. Based on her experience... she could be 50-55 years old... with 55 being a typical retirement age.

By the way, GoPoly is announcing a media advisory (the 24th) on campus tomorrow. Could this be the announcement that Cone is getting the job.... or that football is now in a new football conference?


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